Which metal home design is the best?

Metal home design has taken off in the last few years, with designers and buyers increasingly looking for more than just a utilitarian home.

But some home designers are now experimenting with a new, more minimalist approach, which aims to make a home look more like a sculpture.

The metal home is becoming more popular because it allows for more freedom in design.

“Metal design allows you to create a space that is a more organic space, with no walls or furniture,” said Lina Chua, who created her studio with husband Mark in 2016.

“You can have a metal frame, but you can also have a wooden frame, which gives you more space for the living room,” she said.

“It gives you space for everything.”

The couple wanted a home that would be visually appealing, but also that could be built in a manner that would not be detrimental to the environment.

They started with a metal house they found in a thrift store.

“We bought a small metal house, and it’s actually been a bit of a work in progress since then,” said Chua.

“There were a few flaws with it, but it turned out very well.”

They began building their own house in the wood, using reclaimed lumber from a nearby forest.

“I had never seen wood, so it took a bit to get used to,” said Mark.

“But once I got used to it, it was really fun to build.”

“We found that it would be really easy to get started with, and then we really enjoyed building,” said Sarah Chua of Chua Designs.

“We got a lot of inspiration from nature and from nature’s design.”

The Chua’s design was inspired by natureThe couple decided to incorporate a series of wooden columns and decorative supports into the structure, which also featured a stone fireplace, a fire pit and a large open space.

“There was this one column that would hang on the outside of the house,” said Ms Chua and Mark.

“The fire pit was very large and very large,” said Mr Chua who added: “We wanted to be able to have a fire that would look out onto the ocean.”

The house was completed in late 2016.

The Chusas are currently building a new home with their daughter, and hope to begin a new project next year.

“It’s a lot different, and I think the community has been really supportive,” said Andrew Chua from Chua Design.

“They’ve been really happy that we’ve been able to take it on,” said Laura Chua as she watched the family’s work.

“When we started building it, we were like, ‘It’s not the same as this one, it’s not this one,'” said Mr Mark.

Mr Chua said the process was much more straightforward because of his experience with wood.

“With wood, we can build a structure like this and it doesn’t take that long,” he said.

“Because we were able to make it really simple, we’re able to build more of these homes.”

People really like this style of design, so there’s a good opportunity to build a lot more.

“You can follow the ABC’s coverage of the new year at:  www.abc.net.au/news/design/2018-new-year-favourites-top-10-topless-bathroom-design-february-15

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