Which design home has the most color?

Designers around the country have spent a lot of time this year designing their own homes, but few have tried to make them look like others.

It may not be easy, but designers who can find inspiration in their own designs can make it look amazing.

Here are five home designers we like.


Julie Teller Julie Tatertola is an urban designer who is currently based in New York City.

Her designs can be seen on more than 100 homes.

Her favorite style is retro, which she sees as a nod to the Victorian era, which began in the 18th century and continues today.

Taterotol says she has a passion for design and that she “never stops dreaming.”

Her inspiration for her home is a traditional European house in rural France that has been home to the Teller family since the 1950s.


Karen Wiegand Karen Wiegers is an architect and home designer based in Seattle.

Wieger says that her home style can be “almost a modern take on the Victorian home, with lots of open spaces, big windows and light.”

Her inspirations for her homes come from architecture, urban design and design from Japan.

“I like to combine the two,” she says.

“If you go to any of my sites, there are some that are inspired by Japanese architecture and some that look like Victorian.

I just love them all.”


Laura Levenson Laura Levasseur is a professional interior designer based out of Los Angeles.

Her inspiration is an open-plan home that “doesn’t feel like a house, but rather a space with lots and lots of natural light.”

Levens inspiration for the design of her home comes from the work of artist Frank Gehry.

“It’s not that she’s trying to create an architectural masterpiece, but instead just an abstract style,” Levassel says.


Sarah Goss Sarah Guss is a senior designer based at Chicago-based Goss, a design house that specializes in modern architecture.

Goss has designed a number of homes, including her new home at the Washington Avenue residence, which is her first project since leaving her current job.

She says that she was inspired by the idea of creating an outdoor space that was “just like a garden,” with open spaces for people to sit and enjoy the beauty of the landscape.


Jennifer Haggerty Jennifer Hagan is a real estate agent based in Atlanta who has a love for architecture and has designed some of her own homes.

She has designs for homes ranging from studios to four-bedroom, four-bathrooms.

Hagan’s favorite style of architecture is “anything with a strong emphasis on symmetry and balance.”


Jules Vachon Jules Verchot Jules Vanchot is a New York-based home designer and urban design specialist based in NYC.

She currently has two projects in the works and says she’s drawn inspiration from many different areas, including the home she lives in with her husband and three children.

She hopes her design will reflect her family’s home style.


Rachel O’Brien Rachel Oberg is an architectural designer based near Seattle.

She loves to “play with color, texture and texture and color and texture, all of the little details.”

Her designs often “give the illusion of a bigger house than it really is,” she said.

“The more you try to do it the less it feels like a home, and the more you get away from it, the more it feels less like a real home.”


Mary Jane Smith Mary Jane is a graphic designer based based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Her home designs are based on her “very eclectic influences, but with a twist.”

She says her home styles are “a mix of modern and vintage, modern and modern, contemporary and contemporary.”

She also loves to use materials like bamboo and reclaimed wood to create the illusion that the home is “in the past.”


Jelena Chusheva Jelana Chussheva is an independent designer based primarily in Poland.

Her work has been featured in publications including Time and Elle, and has also been featured on CNN.

“My house is an inspiration for many people, not just designers,” she told The Washington Times.


Mimi Valkova Mimi is an interior designer from London, England.

Her inspiration for her designs are “classic and classic, modern, modern.”

The inspiration is for the space “to be open and not locked in.

To be a place where you can just open up the spaces and have a really wonderful day.”


Rebecca Koons Rebecca Koon is a designer based on London.

Her styles are eclectic, modern designs.

She said her style is influenced by the way she was raised, and by how the British are perceived in the U.S. Koons has designs based on architecture, art and design.

She also likes to incorporate vintage elements, including old furniture,

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