What do you think of the new concrete home designs from PDC?

We have just launched the PDC Design Homes for 2018 series.

The PDC team has done an outstanding job designing concrete home design.

 In fact, the series is being named the ‘PDC Design Home of the Year’ by the PCC and the PLC, for its high quality and outstanding value for money.

As a PDC member, you will be the first to know about the new design designs.

In 2018, PDC will be offering new concrete homes, which are now in the final stages of production.

We have made significant progress in the design of our new concrete house designs. 

The new design is an easy-to-use, lightweight, modern design.

The materials and construction are high-quality, and the finishes are superb.

The main feature of the PDA Home is its compact size.

PDA Home of 2018 design detailsThe PDA design home design consists of three main components: The foundation slab  is a flat slab, which supports the concrete slab.

This is usually made of steel or concrete.

The slab is supported by a series of beams or concrete trusses.

The concrete slab is comprised of two parts, a top and bottom and a middle section. 

A top section consists of a steel frame.

This frame is supported with a series or beams of concrete trussed together.

A second, lower section is made of timber, usually steel or composite material. 

This top section is supported on the foundation slab.

This structure is designed to support the concrete and is built from a single sheet of timber.

The bottom section is usually reinforced with a steel plate.

The plates are bolted together, and supported by timber beams or truss-like beams.

The top plate of the concrete is supported and secured by a steel truss.

It is important to note that the construction of the structure is a combination of concrete and steel. 

When completed, the structure will contain a steel beam supporting the top section.

It will also contain a concrete slab supporting the bottom section.

There are no concrete foundation columns in this design.

This means that the concrete foundation of the home will not be built from concrete.

All of the materials used in the construction are recycled and reused.

This allows the PDP to create a home which has minimal environmental impact.

Our goal with the PDSP home is to provide people with a sustainable and affordable home.

We are proud to be part of the community of builders who are designing sustainable, affordable and beautiful concrete home solutions for the global housing market.

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