Skyline Home Design Salary Guide – New York

Skyline home designer salaries have risen in New York since the city’s recent financial crisis, according to a report from

Skyline is one of the largest home design companies in the US, with a team of more than 4,000 designers and consultants in over 50 offices. reports that the average salary for a Skyline designer in the city is $98,500, with an average starting salary of $83,000.

The median Skyline salary is $97,500.

Skylines design team is also ranked among the top 100 US home design firms by PayScale, with more than 200 locations in New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, New York, and California.

New York’s Skyline company was founded in 1996, according the company’s website.

Its offices include a studio in Manhattan, a design studio in Queens, a full design studio on Long Island, a studio on the Upper West Side, and a new design studio at the Grand Hyatt hotel.

Salary is a key part of a home design job, and Skylines team is looking to improve on the company of previous Skylines designers.

Salary says that Skylines “design team has been around since 1996, and they have seen a steady increase in revenue and clientele over the past several years.” says Skylines revenue grew by 22% to $1.2 billion in 2017, with $1 billion of that coming from the US.

New Yorkers can expect more Skylines in the near future, with the company looking to expand into Canada, the UK, and Ireland.

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