How to find the perfect home for a dog

By Rory McEvoyRTE News 4A new research project has found that dogs are not the only pets that will enjoy a home built with design in mind.

Roughly half of the homes on the market are designed with dogs in mind, but are not always as welcoming as they could be.

A new report from the RTE shows that the average dog-friendly home is one that can accommodate a family of three.

The study found that the majority of the designs built for dogs had room for at least one pet, while about one in five had two or more.

The RTE team surveyed more than 50 local dog-loving organisations across the country to find out how well the designs were actually meeting the needs of dogs.

The average dog’s home was designed to accommodate a four-legged pet and is considered to be a home that meets the most important requirements for both health and wellbeing.

“Dogs do play a huge part in the lives of our families and in many cases their behaviour is one of the main factors that determine whether they are allowed into a house or not,” said RTE’s marketing director, Joanne McEvoya.

Dogs also play a key role in the home as a family, with more than two-thirds of the households in which dogs are the primary occupants sharing a dog.”

So it’s really important to have some room for your family and also to be flexible to fit them in any room they need.”

Dogs also play a key role in the home as a family, with more than two-thirds of the households in which dogs are the primary occupants sharing a dog.

More than half of these households also had a dog-free or dog-in-a-bag policy, meaning that all animals in the household are allowed in the house, whether they have a registered dog, or are a non-resident.

“A lot of people are still concerned about how the dogs are being used in the homes,” said Ms McEvoysa.

“I think it’s important to look at the whole picture.

There’s a whole other set of requirements for dogs in homes.”

One of the things we’ve found is that it is important to not just look at a dog in the eye, but to look out for what they’re doing in the world, what their relationship is with their environment, their wellbeing and their safety.

“When we talk about design, we don’t just talk about how well a house meets our needs, but how the house is designed and how the people are using it.”

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