How to Design a Brick Home in Kerala

A Kerala home designer is taking some big steps to make the state look more Indian. 

Kerala has a huge number of home design sites, but none of them offer the option of getting a house built using traditional materials. 

Now the state has a brick home design studio that will offer the design and construction services for the state. 

Dalbir Chaudhary, founder of Kishor-Bricks Home Design, said the studio will help the state’s builders in creating houses that are more visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing. 

Chaudharies father-in-law, Raman, is a brick designer and architect. 

Raman’s studio has already done work for the government and the local government in Kerala. 

His father, Ramachandra Chaudhu, was a brick contractor for the State government and was also a principal in the Kishors brick building company. 

He has been working for the Kerala Government since 1997 and is known for his bold designs. 

“My dad was a builder who knew how to create bricks and he was able to build his own houses in his own way,” Chaudhi said. 

While Raman Chaudhitary was a father figure to many in Kerala, his daughter, Ayesha, has also made an impact in the community. 

She is now a principal of Kishes brick building firm. 

As a result, the Chaudhs family is now trying to make bricks for the entire state.

Chaudhar said the new Kishores brick home will also serve as a reference for the next generation.

“Our vision is to bring the best of traditional brick and also modern design.

We want to bring these elements into the future homes,” he said.

Chadoor Chaudheesh, a Kishorendra brick maker and an expert in brick and cement, is also a member of the new brick home team. 

 Chado is the father of the two young girls.

He said his father-ins-law was able, thanks to his expertise, to design brick houses for the whole of Kerala.

Chads family has done work on over 400 homes for the Government, local governments and private companies. 

It is also working with the State Government to ensure that the homes are affordable and that the bricks are built in the state, he said, adding that he would also be interested in building homes for other families. 

The Chaudhis family is planning to set up the new studio in Kochi soon. 

But they said that the project will take time and that they would work on a plan for the site.

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