Brookside home design by Brookside designer’s wife: Designers wife to design home for dad

BOSTON — A designer who works for the Brookside family home design studio is to design a home for her husband, who has cerebral palsy.

The home will be called “Brookside Home,” and it will be built in the home’s former location on Brookside Avenue, said Elizabeth S. Hurd, the director of Brookside Design, who lives in the house on South Boston’s south side.

The couple have had a falling out about a year ago, she said.

They have agreed to have a new home, but they have not finalized the details yet.

The first house will be located in a part of the property that was once occupied by the Brookline Housing Authority.

They are trying to come up with a design for the second home, Hurd said.

It will be a very comfortable home for both of them.

The design will include an additional bedroom, a full bathroom, two kitchens and a fireplace.

The project will cost about $25 million, Hudders said.

She said she hopes the project will draw in more developers.

The design for one of the bedrooms is a lot like what I would have done for a small town home, said Dan J. Gurner, who is working on the home for Brookside.

We just need to bring some energy and some excitement to it, he said.

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