Aussie house design is a mix of style and technology

Aussie home design has been a staple in Australian homes for decades, and there’s little doubt it will continue to be for many years to come.

But is it all about style and tech?

In the latest edition of our Australian home design series, we look at how different designs have evolved over the years.

This is our fourth home design in this series, covering the mid-1980s, and the design of our latest home, the stunning home in South Melbourne.

We’ll be taking a look at all the designs in the series, and discussing their pros and cons.

The first house in our series was built in the mid 1980s by a single family who had just moved to Australia from India.

The family was looking to buy a new home and the family’s local architect, A.S.K. Ravi, recommended the home be designed in a way that would appeal to both urban and rural tastes.

Aussie house styleToday, the style of the Aussie houses we see is largely influenced by the way people live today.

People in rural areas may wear their homes in a more contemporary style, while urbanites tend to have more of a traditional house.

This is the main difference between a house in Australia today and in the 1980s.

The original house in Melbourne was built with a modernist look.

It was designed to be comfortable and elegant.

The house was not built in a traditional manner.

Instead, the house was built from scratch with the intention of creating a house that would be as comfortable as possible and would look like a modern house in a rural area.

The mainstay of the design was a two-storey house.

The two-story house has a large, open living room and an open kitchen with a large fireplace and a large dining room.

The kitchen also has a separate sink, as well as an in-ground shower.

The house also has an open living and dining area and a small private bathroom.

The family wanted the kitchen to have the feel of a modern, functional kitchen, but the kitchen has an inbuilt storage area.

The open area, where you can see the water, has been made to look more like a large kitchen sink, and it is also fitted with an inboard fan.

The kitchen has a double-height sink, which allows for more privacy.

The large sink is fitted with a double tray and the large tray has a shelf to hold the sink and a coffee table.

A large sink with a shelf is also found in the dining room, where the coffee table can be moved and moved around.

This was a modern design that was designed with a traditional Australian style in mind.

It is an example of an ‘art’ house, in which the architect wanted to create a house with an old-fashioned look.

It was designed in the style that people would find comfortable, but it was also intended to appeal to a wider variety of tastes and styles.

The second house in the family, which was built a little more than 20 years later, was also an art house.

It’s a modern-day design, with modern touches to the design.

The two-bedroom home has a big, open kitchen, and a fireplace.

The living room has a very large open dining area, and is also lined with a beautiful, multi-coloured rug.

The fireplace is set into the wall in the living room.

A wall of a wall has been set in the kitchen.

The new kitchen is a big kitchen.

It has a small kitchen, with the sink sitting in a large tray and a shelf on the side of the sink.

A small sink is also set into a wall in front of the large sink.

The large sink has a storage area for the large coffee table, which can be mounted onto the wall.

A shelf is set up on the back wall of the kitchen and a wall of wall has also been added to the dining area.

In the dining table, the coffee can be set in a small cup, while the larger coffee can sit in the small cup.

A kitchen with this kind of design would be easy to clean and maintain.

The small sink, the shelf and the cup are all in a clean, neat and tidy place.

A home designer, A Ravi with his son and son-in-law, in Melbourne in 1985.

Source: ABC News / A. S. K. RovaniSource:ABC News / P. V. PachauriIn the late 1970s, the family decided to move to Melbourne and start a new life in Australia.

In doing so, they made a change in the design that would go on to be one of the biggest changes to the Australian home in the early 1980s, as we saw with the A. R. Rani and L. N. Chokshi houses in the Melbourne suburb of Kew.

The new design had the intention to be more comfortable,

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