Why I prefer the transitional home theme to the home fashion designs

There are two main themes I’m really excited about in the transition home design space.

One is the “natural” theme, which emphasizes simplicity, elegance, and clean lines.

This theme makes a lot of sense for a home designer because the transition will probably be very clean.

The other is the design that embraces color.

That means a lot to me because color is the main focus for me in the design process.

So I love the idea of “color-neutral” homes and designs, even if they look a little odd on the outside.

And then I also like the idea that these designs don’t look too much like traditional home design patterns.

The colors are subtle and subtle.

The transition theme has been a big influence for me as a home decorator. 

For this tutorial, I’m going to take a look at how to make a “natural transition” home theme with the use of a minimalistic palette.

If you have a different palette you would like to try, let me know in the comments. 

Here’s how I’m using the transition theme in my design: 1.

The first thing I want to do is select a base color.

I’ll use black and white for this tutorial.

The reason for this is that I have a lot on my desk, and I don’t want to use a solid color.

A solid color will create the illusion that the house is very clean and orderly.


Next, I’ll select a shade.

I want this to be as neutral as possible, so I’ll pick an almost-black-and-white color, such as dark blue.

The neutral shade I chose is called “light grey.”

I can also pick a darker color if I want.

This color has a very light sheen to it.

I used light grey because it’s a great light color for this transition. 


I will use the base color and the base shade for my first design element, the door.

I also want the base elements to have a similar effect to the door, so this is the second part of the design: I’m creating a circular design with a curved shape.

I’m taking the circular design I created above and making it into a door, and then creating a series of curves on either side.

I then want to make sure that these curves are curved enough to create the effect of a door opening and closing. 


Next I’m gonna make a door that I can open and close with the same amount of force.

I wanted to make the doors opening and shutting feel smooth and even.

I can use the same principle as the door opening above, but I’m now going to make this a little bit more of a “curve” effect.

I have my door open, and a curve comes out.

Then I want the door to be slightly curved.

I start with a small curve and then work my way up to a large one.

I like this shape because it gives the illusion of a curved opening. 


I am now going into my next design element: the floor.

I’ve already made the room look circular, so here’s what I’m doing now: I’ve made the first section of the floor as a rectangle with the base, so now I want a small rectangle that will be the first element of the room.

I added a curve on the bottom and made the curve to be curved.

This means the curves will be curved on both sides.

I know that I will need to make an adjustment later, so instead of making an entire rectangle of curve I’m making a smaller rectangle of “curved” side.

The “curviness” is the result of a combination of two different elements: the curved side and the curved base. 


Next comes the floor flooring.

I created a rectangle of a base and a small “curving” side with a little “curvet” around it.

Then added the curved sides and added a “rolling” side to the base.

Now I’m adding the “rolling side” to the flooring so that the curved and rolling sides are blended together.

This way the floor feels smooth and stable. 


Now for the walls.

I decided to make these elements more of an effect than just a regular wall.

I needed something that I could make my home look like it was in a museum or a theater.

So here’s how the walls are going to look: I used a mix of a very dark gray and a very white color.

The white is just a very nice color to have.

I ended up using a lighter shade of gray, as this gives the home more of the “home” feel.

I use a light gray for the “curvy” side of the wall, and dark gray for “rolling.” 


Next up is the ceiling.

I just started by making a rectangle out of two sides, but as you can see, it didn’t look very pleasing

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