What you need to know about home gym designs

This article first appeared on The Jerusalem Times on November 14, 2018.

The Israeli government is currently working on a draft bill that will introduce a new tax on home gym equipment.

The draft bill, due to be presented to the cabinet on November 16, would levy a 20% tax on the equipment used in gyms.

This tax is intended to raise enough money to fund an additional 15,000 police officers.

According to a spokesperson for the ministry of tourism, the tax would cover equipment used for personal use.

The ministry did not respond to The Jerusalem Mail’s request for comment.

The proposal comes as Israel is under mounting pressure to introduce an anti-discrimination law that would criminalize discrimination against people of different religious backgrounds.

The bill has been approved by the cabinet, and it will be sent to the Israeli parliament for final approval.

Israel has already passed a law against discrimination against LGBT people, which was approved in the first cabinet vote since the country’s founding in 1948.

But a bill to criminalize religious discrimination in public spaces has not yet been brought forward.

In the meantime, the Israeli government has made it clear that the bill is not intended to target only the religious groups.

“We are talking about an inclusive bill that would not target a specific group of people, but to give people in the whole society a chance to feel accepted,” the spokesperson said.

“That’s what the bill really aims to do.

The intention is to make the government more inclusive and welcoming toward everyone, including minorities.”

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