I’m sorry to hear the news: Nordic home designers resign

A home design group in Norway has resigned after an internal investigation found the group had not been adequately monitoring the quality of its designs.

Nordic Design Group, a Norwegian company, announced Wednesday that it was pulling all of its designers from the design work and would suspend the company’s membership indefinitely.

The group is a consortium of about 30 design firms that also includes a Dutch design firm, the Nordic Institute.

The move comes a day after the company posted its third-quarter results, and the group has been in trouble in recent years, with a number of negative reports about the quality and integrity of its work.

The company also faced scrutiny in the past for a number on the quality, with an investigation by the Norwegian government accusing it of “deliberately and dishonestly misrepresenting” the quality level of its homes and apartments.

The accusations prompted the company to announce the resignations on its website.

Nordica said it had no immediate comment.

Nordics most recent design work has been on the home of a man who was recently charged with killing a police officer, but a spokesperson for the police said that work was not done by the company.

“There is no reason to resign from the project,” said Anders Ljung, a spokesperson with the Norwegian police.

Ljeng said that the work was done by a company called Nordica-Sveriges A/S, which was established in 2016.

The spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment on the resignation.

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