Farmhouse Home Design: The best of the best

By Kate O’Donnell-Jones • December 16, 2018 01:07:30When I first arrived in New Zealand a few years ago, the only place I’d ever seen an Australian farmhouse was on a TV documentary.

The show’s producer was a real-life person, a farmer from the nearby village of St Kilda who had visited New Zealand to film a short documentary.

The Australian farmer, who would go on to become a well-known architect and architecting firm in the region, showed me a series of Australian farmhouses that he’d worked on and asked me to photograph one for the show.

The farmhouse, which he called the “big, red house”, was painted with a red paint, which reminded me of the red paint used in Australia’s infamous “red tape” farmhouse.

It was a stunning image, but the real reason I wanted to visit was to discover how the Australian style of farmhouse design influenced New Zealand’s style.

It was also my first visit to the country since the end of the “Golden Age” of Australian agriculture, which was a period of time between the mid-1950s and the late 1980s.

For me, that period of “Golden” Australian agriculture was about changing the way we view farming in Australia.

As I got to know the Australian farmworkers who built the farms that were home to so many of my favourite characters on television, I was struck by how much they had a “big red house” aesthetic, and how the red-brown and white paint of the farmhouses they built in New York and New Zealand were very much in line with the Australian “Big Red House” aesthetic.

As a result, it was easy for me to understand the inspiration for a number of the designs featured in the series.

“The Big Red House”, the first series of the series, featured a series-long shot of a large red house that was constructed in New South Wales in the late-1950’s, with a “little green house” built on top of it, which had the “Big House” name painted onto the side of the house, which could be seen in many of the shots.

The house was built around a “stairwell” and a “tree” on top.

In the series “The Big House” was also shown with a series shot of the Big House in Sydney, which featured a red, white and blue “steward” in a red suit, which looked very much like the “stews” that the Australian farmers were known to be making in New England and the United States.

There were also two scenes where a “green” house was shown, with an Australian “Greenhouse” in the background.

The series also featured a number that had a green house, with the green house’s “Big house” name being painted onto a building in New Brunswick.

The green house was also painted with the same red and white “Steward House” paint used on the Australian red house.

The second series of “The Greenhouse” also featured an Australian home on a “Stairwell”, which featured an outdoor garden and a backyard with a green roof.

The Greenhouse was built on the top of a “Tent” and the “Trees” were also green, with green “Stews” painted on the sides.

The final series of The Big House featured an all-red farmhouse on a hillside in the New South Wight, with “the Big Red” in orange and the green “stow” in red, both of which were very similar to the Australian-style “Stool” style.

A number of New Zealand-made farmhouses also appeared in the “The Steward”, including a green “tent” with a blue “Stow” painted onto it, and a green, white “stool” in blue.

New Zealand’s Farmhouse in a Nutshell: The “Big” Red House (1958)The New Zealand farmhouse I first saw was the one built by a local farmer named Harry Pang from a small farm in the village of Sogawa, in the North Island’s Otago District, in 1958.

This was not the first Australian farm that Harry Pong had built in his life.

He’d been working as a gardener for several years when he moved to Otago, New Zealand in 1956, and he’d built a small number of houses and sheds before moving to the area in 1962.

He was a well respected farmer, and Harry’s house, built in 1961, featured the original “Big Stool” design, with red trim and a white “totem”.

He also built a number more houses in Otago before moving into his farmhouse in 1962, and then moved back to his old farmhouse a few weeks later, in 1968.

Harry was an Australian-born farmer who was also an avid horse-back rider

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