Why are you choosing steel?

We’ve seen how much the steel industry is benefiting from climate change, and we’ve seen the carbon emissions they’ve created, but how much has the industry lost out?

It seems the industry has gone out of its way to put the blame where it belongs, but with the new National Steel Week, we want to know more.

We know that the UK has been losing millions of jobs over the past two decades, but is the industry really responsible for all that?

Are there other factors that have contributed to the job losses?

What are the key findings from our research?

A survey of the UK steel industry’s main playersIn 2016, the UK Steel Association (UKSA) published a report into the jobs losses, saying that: “Over the last decade the steel sector has lost over 3,000 manufacturing jobs, 1,300 engineering jobs and nearly 400 construction jobs in the UK”.

In terms of industry-wide losses, the steel and metal industry employed more people than the automotive industry, according to the study.

But there was also evidence that the steel business has lost some jobs in recent years, with the number of workers employed in the steel, concrete and aluminium industries falling by more than 300,000 between 2010 and 2016.

The research also revealed that the industry had seen the highest rate of turnover in the industry in recent times, with turnover rates ranging from 0.4% to 3.3%.

The UK Steel Federation said that the “long-term decline in employment is a result of a number of factors, including the recent economic downturn”.

“The industry is losing jobs and the industry is being dragged down by inflation,” said Gary Deneve, president of the Federation.

“The industry needs to address the issues it is facing and ensure that it stays competitive in the future.”

A spokesperson for the UKSA said that it is “disappointed” that the union had published a research paper that was “not based on sound science”.

“It is deeply disappointing that the study is not based on the best available evidence and we believe that the data it contains are outdated,” they said.

“It does not reflect the realities of the industry and the many challenges that it faces, which are set to become more difficult as the global economy evolves.”

What can you do to make sure you’re protected?

The industry says that the latest steel jobs figures show that the biggest employer in the sector is steel manufacturers, which have lost around 2,000 jobs in just a decade.

The latest figures also show that many of the steel jobs that were lost were not being created at all.

“This report is part of an effort by the UKSteel Association to help the steel manufacturing industry and its members understand how it can best protect its jobs and businesses from the effects of climate change,” said a spokesperson for UKSA.

If you have questions about the industry’s progress, you can contact the UKSI at [email protected]

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