What we know about the homes designed by the home designers at Blueprints Design for the 2017 home craze

The design houses of Blueprints Designer for the Home craze are so far a popular trend.

They’ve been built for families and homeowners alike, and the result has been eye-popping design with all the glamour and elegance of a high-end boutique.

In a recent episode of the podcast “Home Design Blueprints,” the folks at Blueprint Designer for a house in New York City showed off their creations, and they’re sure to have you interested in seeing what they’ve built.

The house is a combination of a large two-story apartment with a small home with a detached garage, and it’s being built for a family with children.

Here are some details from the podcast, as well as a quick tour of the home.

The apartment is located on the first floor of the duplex that was recently sold to the family for $7 million.

The home features a large three-car garage, with a large deck, an outdoor patio, and a large living room.

This home is one of the most expensive to build in New Jersey.

It has a price tag of $5.5 million, which is a little over $2 million more than the average price of a duplex.

The family’s home is located across the street from a bank, which means that the home is going to be a bit of a walk to get to.

The exterior of the apartment is designed to look like it’s sitting on the beach, with lots of ocean views and plenty of sun.

The kitchen has two separate, large, double-height appliances, which make it look like the family has a private kitchen and a dining area.

The bedroom, which will have a large double-hung bed, has a large couch and a vanity.

The living room has a lot of windows and the front of the house is decorated with a lot more lights than the exterior.

There is a pool and a fireplace.

The master bedroom has a very high ceiling and is a great place to put your dog.

The bathrooms are large, and there is an attached bath.

The children’s bedroom has all the essentials: a big double-length bath, two-burner stove, and an en-suite shower.

The bedrooms are split between two bedrooms, which are on the second floor.

The large double bed is also very comfortable, with plenty of space.

The hallway in the home has stairs and is very easy to walk up and down.

The rear yard has plenty of play space and is ideal for outdoor activities.

The front door leads to the backyard, which can be very inviting, especially when you’re a child.

The kids’ bedrooms have lots of storage for clothes, toys, and other necessities.

The backyard is large and full of space, and is perfect for small children.

The patio in the backyard is an open-air area with plenty to do.

There are plenty of plants and animals to enjoy, and you can get to the park and take in some sunshine from the stars.

The garage is the centerpiece of the backyard and has a great view of the ocean.

The yard has a garage door with a ladder on top that allows you to access the garage.

The basement has a big storage closet, a storage area, and some small cabinets for tools and supplies.

There’s also a full kitchen, a dining room, and laundry room.

The dining room has multiple dining chairs, two small cabinets, a sink, and pantry.

The laundry room has four pantry carts and a laundry room sink.

The main living room is just a single-story house with a big fireplace and a big window that can be seen from the house.

The porch overlooks the ocean and is beautiful in the summertime.

There has also been a laundry on the roof that has a huge basket of clothes hanging from the rafters.

You can see the backyard through the window, so it’s really hard to see the kids from the inside.

It’s also very nice to walk down the driveway to the house and enjoy a picnic or play in the yard.

There were plenty of amenities for guests to enjoy during their stay, including a private beach, a gym, a playground, a fire pit, a tennis court, a sauna, a water park, and more.

You’ll find the house on Google Maps.

The couple behind the house, Robert and Melissa, have built a home for their five children in their New York apartment.

The structure has a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the ocean, and one of their kids, Olivia, will be living in it.

The view is great in New England, and she loves to surf, so the kids are in a good position to enjoy that.

They also have two small dogs, both named Dolly.

When it comes to design, this family loves to use their imagination and imagination.

The three kids have a passion for design and have been building homes for many years

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