Nigeria’s transitional home designs may have been a hit with the public, but the government has had to rethink some of them

NAGERIAN HOME DESIGNS may have come to be considered as some of the most beautiful homes in the world, but they may have had to be rethought after a number of scandals over alleged misuse of funds and alleged manipulation of land and land values, according to a report by the UN Human Rights Council.

The report is based on interviews with residents of several Nigerian cities and is the first time the Council has examined the situation in the country’s transitional housing system.

A recent scandal surrounding one of the countrys largest housing projects in Kano was widely covered in the media.

The controversy centered around allegations that developers were illegally collecting payments to developers in a way that allowed the developers to extract as much as 20% of the project’s value in rent, and then resell the apartments at higher prices than the government was legally allowed to collect, the UN report says.

The issue has been widely criticized in Nigeria, with residents calling it “illegal exploitation” and calling for an end to the practice.

“The land is not a right to be taken for free,” one resident told the council.

“It is a right of the community.”

Some of the allegations leveled at the Kano housing project have led to the construction of temporary settlements to accommodate the displaced, the report says, and that some of those developments were built using illegal practices that “violate the laws of the land and the human rights of all people.”

The Kano project is the subject of a UN investigation, but there is no evidence that the developers were involved in any criminal acts, the Council said.

In a statement, Nigeria’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Development said that its legal and regulatory systems were in place to deal with the issue of land acquisition.

It also called for a full audit of the Kado project and a review of the housing project, which it called a “good example of the development of sustainable development.”

The ministry said that the government had already taken steps to stop illegal land acquisition and had “further strengthened the legal framework.”

It also said it had made efforts to prevent illegal land acquisitions.

The Kado housing project has been in operation since 2009.

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