Apple announces new iPhone 5 design for Mexico

Apple has unveiled a new iPhone design that will use recycled materials and incorporate a custom, glass-reinforced polymer back.

The phone is the first of several products designed for Mexico’s capital city of Cuauhtemoc.

The new iPhone will launch in late November.

“We’re taking a more eco-friendly approach to the iPhone and this is an example of how we are changing how we do things,” said Steve Yegge, Apple’s vice president of product marketing.

“Our new iPhones have been engineered to be recyclable, durable, water-resistant, and light.

This new iPhone is designed to take advantage of all those features and to deliver a more sustainable experience.”

The iPhone 5 has been a popular choice for Mexican consumers for years.

In 2017, Apple sold over 1 million iPhones in Mexico, more than any other country in the world.

Apple said it expects the new phone to sell between 40,000 and 60,000 units in Mexico.

Apple said the new iPhone incorporates recycled materials in its design and manufacturing process.

In 2018, the company announced it would use a carbon-fiber-reinsulated plastic in the new phones, which it said would be a “sustainable alternative” to plastic used in phones like the Galaxy S7.

Apple’s new phone will also include a glass-removal system, which removes the glass and the plastic parts of the iPhone that are used to make it.

Apple is calling the glass-free technology “Reusable Glass,” but the company said it would be available “soon” for other products.

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