Why we are choosing the best Nippon Ham Fighters shirt

The Nippons Ham Fighters have long been a favourite among football fans around the world, and have become a regular fixture in the top leagues around the globe.

However, the team’s home designs have not always been as well received.

The club’s home kit design has featured many colours from a variety of countries, but has always featured black and white stripes, instead of red.

The club’s current home kit has also been criticised for its use of a red, white and blue design.

In a recent interview with Football Itama, the club’s head of merchandising and design, Nasser Al-Ghanem, revealed that he had previously intended to use a white design instead of black and blue, but had changed his mind after seeing a lot of negative feedback.

“We’ve been making changes and we are looking at changing it again,” Al-Ghantem told the site.

“So far, we have chosen the best colours and designs and we hope to use them in future.”

In an exclusive interview with SportItalia, Al-ghantem confirmed that the team will not be using the same design for the 2019/20 season.

“It’s a black and red design.

It will be used during the 2019-20 season,” Alganticem said.

“We will continue to use the colour red.

We want to give our fans a great home kit, and we will keep using the colour black and green in the future.”

Al-ghamem also said that the club would not be selling shirts in the same colours as the previous home kit.

“I’m not sure if we will use black and gold in the home kit this season,” he said.

“But we will be using black and black in the away kit.”

In terms of the club and players, Algantem has been more open about the team and players’ individual identities.

“The club is not one that is very big or has one person who is the only one who has an identity, so there’s not much difference between us and the other teams,” Alghameb said.

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