How to use the home logo in your apps

You’ve been looking at your logo design for months, and you’re finally ready to put it to work.


The following tips can help you out.1.

Make it as big as possible.

This is a biggie.

The default size of an app icon is about the same size as the home page of your website.

If you want to make a bigger icon, then you’ll need to make it bigger.

That means making the icon as big (or larger) than the page it appears on.

For instance, if your logo is a little larger than the home screen of your app, you’ll have to go with a larger icon.2.

Use a more powerful font.

Fonts can have a big impact on how the icon looks.

A big font like the one shown above could make the icon look too big, and it could make your design look more like an email address than a logo.

A smaller font might be more appropriate, but still need to be adjusted.3.

Use an icon that’s in line with the rest of your logo.

If the icon is too big or too small, then your logo will be confusing and your users won’t know what to expect.4.

Use your own logo.

This one’s a little tricky.

Your logo design should be inspired by the icons you already have in your home screen, like your email app’s email logo.

But the real challenge is choosing a logo that is more familiar to your users.

The same goes for the icons that you’ll use for navigation on your apps, like the icons used for email apps.

The best way to find the right logo is to find an icon with a familiar feel to your existing app icons.

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