How to get your home’s lighting design right

Home lighting design is a critical component of a home, but the process can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you’re just starting out.

Here are five ways to get a good look at your home lighting, and you can always adjust your design to suit your home and your needs.


Look at your flooring 1.

You’ll need to know what’s inside your home.

You should know what you want to do with your floors.

Are they meant for storage, entertaining, or entertaining guests?

Are they designed to hold furniture?

You may also need to look at how your floors fit together and where they go.

Is there a need to add more ceiling?


Check to see what kind of light you need.

If you have outdoor lighting, do you need more or less?

Do you want a bright, white light or a dimmed, warm white light?

Do the lights need to be on or off?

Look for light levels and the type of bulbs you use, as well as the type and quality of bulbs.

What kind of lighting is best for you?

Do your floor lights need special attention?

If you are considering adding additional lighting, look for the type you’ll need in the home, whether you’ll be using it frequently, and how you’ll like to use it.

Look for how much you’ll want in a certain area of the house, whether it’s in the garage, bathroom, or kitchen.


Take a look at the fixtures you’ll have to use.

How many fixtures will you need?

Do they need to have lights, or do they just need to stay on?

If they’re meant for light fixtures, do they need a light that’s rated for outdoor use?


Check the lighting in your home for quality.

If the lights are rated for indoor use, what lighting will you be using?

Do these lights need replacement?

Are there more than one type of lighting in the house?

Are all fixtures and fixtures settings different?

Are the lights designed for the right room, and not the room with the lights?

What kind and quality bulbs do you have?

If the lighting is designed for a different room, where will you place the lights so you can have them in a room you want, or at the opposite end of the room?

If there’s a need for a larger number of lights in the room, you can look at what you’ll use to make the room smaller.


Keep an eye on the ceiling.

Does your ceiling need to go up or down?

Do some fixtures need to rotate?

Do there needs to be a different kind of fixture in your room?

You can check the ceiling to see if you need an extra piece of ceiling insulation to make it easier to move the lights.

What type of lights should you be looking for?

Are you looking for an outdoor, dimmed white light, a warm white, or a warm dimmed?

Are both types of lights right for you, or only one type?

How much space should be left between the light fixtures and the ceiling?

How do you think you’ll manage that space?

The answer is probably going to depend on a lot of factors.

But here are a few things to keep in mind: You can’t have too many lights, because there will be room for them.

You can always add more.

If they don’t need to move, you should not replace them.

There’s no need to replace them, because they’ll be there forever.

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